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Irene J.Z. Mkondo 2
Irene J.Z. Mkondo

Mrs. Mkondo has been a FAWEZI 
member since 1998. She holds a 
M.Ed., a B.Ed., and a Certificate
in Education and Research Methods. 
Mrs. Mkondo has worked at Belvedere
Technical Teacher’s College as a
Lecturer. She currently works
for VVOB Zimbabwe as an
Education Advisor.


Patricia Raradza 2
Patricia Raradza 

Mrs. Raradza holds a
Certificate in Secondary Education
and a BA degree in English
Language and Communication
Skills. She has 27 years teaching
experience. She is Senior Lady
at Glenview 1 High School,
Harare Province.

Gumbo Eveline 2
Eveline Gumbo 

Mrs Gumbo holds a Teaching
Certificate, a Certificate in Education
and a Bachelors degree in
Educational Administration, Planning
and Policy Studies. She has more
than 30 years experience as a
teacher and Deouty Head and is
currently a School Head of
Chipezeze Primary School, Zaka,
Masvingo Province.

Eurita Nyamanhare 2
Dr Eurita Nyamanhare 

Dr Nyamanhare joined primary
teaching in 1982 and teacher
education in 2007. She is a graded
Principal Lecturer stationed at
Belvedere Technical Teacher's
College and has a Doctorate in

Dr Maria Tsvere 2
Dr Maria Tsvere

Dr Tsvere is currently working as
a lecturer for Chinhoyi University
of Technology.

Lydia Dube 2
Lydia Dube

Mrs. Dube holds a 1st and 2nd
degree in Educational
Administration. She has 30 years
working experience as a teacher.
Mrs. Dube has worked at the
Provincial Offices as Better
Environmental Science teacher and
is also the Better Schools
Programme Zimbabwe Coordinator.

Regina Mujombi 2
Regina Mujombi
Committee Member

Ms. Mujombi holds a Diploma in
Education and has 17 years
experience in the teaching field. She
has a BSC in counseling and
guidance. She is currently working
for the Ministry of Primary and
Secondary Education as a teacher.

Ollica Kaira 2Ollica Kaira
Committee Member

Mrs Kaira has 32 years experience
in the field of education. She holds
a Masters Degree in Educational
Administration Policy Planning,
and an IPMZ Diploma in Human
Resources. She also has
certificates in education with
infant specialisation, and in special
needs education in the teaching
of the visually handicapped. She
is an Education Officer.

Millicent Moyo
Committee Member

Mrs Moyo has 23 years experience
as a teacher and 15 years
experience as a School Head. She
possesses a BA General Degree and
a Graduate Certificate in Education
specialised in English and Ndebele.
She is currently working as a School
Head for Townsend High School.

Annaclatta Guma 2
Annaclatta Guma
Committee Member

Ms. Guma has been with FAWEZI
since 1998 and is a provincial
member of ECOZI (which FAWEZI
chairs) and TEAM Manicaland. She
has a BA in Education EAPPS. She is
head of a Meagre Primary School in
Mutare and is Secretary for NAPH
Mutare Urban and HIC Athletics
Mutare District. She is also a NEC
member for ZANA.