Assessment by VGIF


Assessment by VGIF

On the 30th of November 2015 a representative from the funders of the Science Mathematics and Technology (SMT) Motivation and Education Project — VGIF — visited Oriel, Domboramawari and Mabvuku High schools to assess the implementation and progress of the SMT project.

The representative, Blight Macfee, together with the National Coordinator Lydia Madyirapanze first paid a courtesy call to the District Education Officer (DEO) Tendai Mavhundutse.

Dr Mavhundutse indicated that she was pleased with the work that FAWEWZI is doing in the Epworth,Mabvuku Tafara District. Dr Mavhundutse however pointed out there is need to spread country wide so as to attain bigger results.
“In as much as I am happy that we are the selected district I also wish that the FAWEZI interventions and activities are spread country wide and also incorporate the girls from a much younger stage,” Mavhundutse said. Dr Mmavhunndutse commended all the initiatives that have been undertaken by FAWEZI since inception and urged the VGIF to continue supporting the organization.

At the schools Blight conducted one on one interviews with the SMT club patrons and also selected pupils from each of the three schools. She also took time to ask the children what they have since benefited from the SMT club and also took down their additional needs.

During the talks there was a clear desire by everyone to have the SMT club practice grow to provincial and national level. The quiz competition has been gladly received by teachers and students as they showed eagerness to make a it a quarterly event.

Blight highlighted there is need to compare the progress and uptake of girls in SMT before and after the SMT projects in their schools so as to measure the success of the project.