FAWEZI increases engagement in Shamva District


FAWEZI increases engagement in Shamva District

As November winds down FAWEZI can be seen ramping up our programmes in Shamva District. On 20 November we supported the training of over 100 teachers from Shamva District in Guidance and counselling (G&C). And on 22 November we hosted a sexual health workshop for a similar number of young women.

The G&C event was graced by the Shamva District Schools Inspector (DSI) Mrs Mudiwa, and the trainings were conducted by the District Remedial Tutor Mr Mugiya, a representative from Non Formal Education Mr Maswanhiso, and Mr Zanamwe from the District Aids Council (DAC). In her key note address Mrs Mudiwa reminded the teachers and school heads present on the importance of Guidance and Counselling, and advised them to take it seriously.
“It is our responsibility to guide our children, let’s take G&C seriously”.

Teachers took time to share on best practices in G&C, tying ideas back to their own experiences. Issues around the management of suggestion boxes at schools were among the hot topics for discussion. Teachers needed to know how best to utilise them, such as best areas concerning their placement, and how frequently they should be opened.

The sexual health workshop on Thursday 22 November was opened by the DA, following which FAWEZI asked participants to introduce themselves and share something they like about themselves, their bodies, or sex to loosen the room. The majority of the day was taken up by a representative from Zimbabwe National Planning Family Council (ZNPFC), Brighton Tendayi, who led lectures and activities on sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) and sexually transmitted infections. There was also a lengthy question and answer session.

The goals of the day were to provide information and answer questions on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and break the taboo surrounding issues of sex and health. The event was hosted at Shamva Country Club and mixed presentations with group activities and questionnaires to disseminate information and help gauge where participants were coming from.

On 27 November FAWEZI is traveling to Shamva again to disseminate reports on our current findings and experiences in the District.