SRHR dialogues with young women in Shamva District


SRHR dialogues with young women in Shamva District

FAWEZI had an SRHR dialogue with young women from Chitungwuza District this morning 27 February, 2019!
The event was graced by representatives from The District Administrators Office, the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Chitungwuza City Health, and the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises-Developments. Thank you to everyone involved and who has shown up this morning.

Participants of FAWEZI’s dialogue with young women in Chitungwiza engaged in an evaluation exercise put on by FAWEZI’s monitoring and evaluation officer Aleaster Masiyakurima. Participants at the Chitungwiza Publicity Center dialogues were also asked to think about questions such as:

‘Why focus on adolescents for issues of SRHR?’ and ‘What demographic would you focus on and why?’

FAWEZI focuses on adolescents because they are at risk of: lacking knowledge/resources, contracting STIs, sexual violence, and becoming pregnant. Participants also tackled issues of economic empowerment and personal grooming and how they relate to sexual health. Aveneni Mangombe from the Ministry of Health and Child Care led multiple exercises, such as defining SRH, unpacking what SRHR are, and asking an audience participant demonstrate and speak to the audience about what she calls the ‘don’t touch areas’.
Another participant memorably told the crowd that “We have a right to say no to sex and to uncomfortable touches”.