Amplify Change Partners Meeting


Amplify Change Partners Meeting

Programs officer, Blessing Chitanda, recently organized an Amplify Change Partners meeting at the FAWEZI offices in Mount Pleasant. The meeting occurred on the 6th of December 2019 and involved Chiedza Child Care, Students And Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) and Regional Network of the Children and Youth People Trust (RNCYPT). The objective of the meeting was to share ideas, experiences while exploring opportunities.

The meeting started with welcome remarks and an acknowledgment of the importance of meeting regularly to share ideas, successes and challenges that can improve the work that they are doing in different areas they are implementing Amplify Change grants.

Chiedza Child Care Background and Activities

Chiedza was founded in 2001 and its main focus is to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Their three thematic areas are Education, Health and Nutrition and Child Protection

Education Chiedza enrols out-of-school children for an accelerated learning process where Chiedza pays their fees for 1 year and thereafter they are integrated back to normal schools and their caregiver has to take over the payment of fees. Chiedza also supports secondary school students. Chiedza also has an ECD centre with 41 learners and 15 of them are from low-income households and do not pay fees.

Heath and Nutrition

The Amplify Change grant supports their project in Zvimba District. The project is titled “Enhancing partnerships to improve service provision in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for Adolescent girls in Zimbabwe”. This is a consortium with YAZ and Shamwari Yemwanasikana. Under this project, Chiedza works with Health facilities and capacitating CBOs to deliver youth-friendly services.

Child Protection

Under its Child Protection pillar, Chiedza supports OVCs to access birth certificates, case management, and run a soup kitchen.

Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT)

SAYWHAT targets students in tertiary institutions and universities. Activities include SRHR trainings, peer education and work with service providers, such as ZNFPC, PSI, PSZ, VMMC, Min of Youth, MoHTESD, and Adult Rape Clinic who are then able to mobilize and offer services to students. SAYWHAT also has an out of school component where they do similar activities with youths in Hopely.

Amplify Change Grant is titled “Zimbabwe Talk on Policy Project” and it is being implemented in Chitungwiza. It advocates for safe abortions through reviewing the Termination of Pregnancy Act to expand its scope of legal abortions.

Regional Network of the Children and Young People’s Trust (RNCYPT)

RNCYP was founded in 2012. Their projects focus on Child and Youth Participation, Girls and Young women empowerment, and SRHR. RNCYPT’s Amplify Change Grant project is “Improving Access to SRHR Information for Marginalized Girls and Young Women in Rafingora, Chinhoi and Katiyo.” RNCYPT went on to discuss the activities they have been implementing, as well as the successes and challenges they have encountered.


The SRHR project supported by Amplify Change is titled “Maximizing Opportunities for Young Women’ SRHR Awareness.” FAWEZI went on to discuss the activities we have been implementing (see ‘FAWEZI IN ACTION”), as well as the successes and challenges we have encountered.

Questions that the groups discussed include:

How do you ensure that capital and profits from programs that involve economic empowerment/starting small businesses are accounted for and used for intended uses?

Which portfolio committees do you work with?

How has it been like working with Parliament?

How do you engage Parliament?

The representatives also talked about opportunities for partnership and specific ways we can help one another capacity build. Partners agreed to meet again so that we can further discuss further partnership opportunities.