Propelled to the next level of education

Propelled to the next level of education

WORDS: Loverage Nhamoyebonde/FAWEZI Information and Communications Officer

Learners at one of the community learning centers

John* is one of the children in Beitbridge who managed to be enrolled at school and briefly enjoyed the right to education.

What started as a promising educational journey was disturbed midway because John came from a poor family that does not value education.

The young boy attended school from grade one and ended in grade five after failing to complete the primary education level due to the socio-economic challenges that he was exposed to.

When John dropped out of formal school he recalled that there was a community learning center that was situated within his former school.

“I used to observe the activities of the learning center during my last days in formal school. When I failed to continue with my education, I really wanted to join other children who were coming to the learning center,” said John.

The plight of the boy to join others at the learning center coincided with his encounter with the Mentor who is stationed at the community learning center.

The Mentor investigated the circumstances that had led to the boy dropping out of school.

“He lives with his grandmother and the mother has left for South Africa. The family lives in abject poverty and they cannot afford to pay school fees or buy books as well as uniforms for the boy,” said Dube.

The mentor decided to follow up on the boy and she enrolled him at the community learning center.

John’s presence at the learning helped him to rebuild his confidence and he demonstrated a strong passion for education.

When the call for the nomination of marginalized children to benefit through the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) was made, the Mentor nominated John*.

The young boy was successfully selected as a beneficiary under BEAM and he joined secondary education.

“I continued monitoring him and he is doing fine at secondary school. I always visit him and go through his books and talk to his teachers to assess his progress,” said the Mother.

John* – pseudonym.

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