The dream of becoming a doctor was rekindled

The dream of becoming a doctor was rekindled

WORDS: Loverage Nhamoyebonde/FAWEZI Information and Communications Officer

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“I failed to attend school because my grandmother had no money to pay school fees, and buy uniforms and books. The situation at home was not permitting me to go to school because my mother had left for South Africa and she rarely sends money back home.”

“The shortage of food at home made it difficult for me to be in the company of other children in our neighborhood because I was always not physically fit. The situation left me with only one option staying at home while other children were going to school.”

“I vividly recall the day when the Mentor visited our home and told my grandmother that I must attend classes at the Community Learning Centre.I was very happy to be offered the chance to attend classes with other children and I was overjoyed when I realized that I will be learning how to read and write.”

“If I continue learning I will be able to speak fluent English and if I stay at home I will not be able to do so. I want to thank FAWEZI for giving me the chance to attend classes and I want to continue learning so that I become a doctor.”

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