SASA! Together Support Phase Comes to Life in Shamva District

DAY 3 batch 1 Shamva 2023 (94 of 16)-3

SASA! Together Support Phase Comes to Life in Shamva District

The Forum for African Women Educationalists Zimbabwe Chapter (FAWEZI), in partnership with Action Aid Zimbabwe (AAZ), Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT), and Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe (LCDZ), successfully conducted the support phase trainings in Shamva district.  The trainings were targeted at the Community Champions, Community Leaders, and Institutional Allies implementing the SASA! Together methodology under the “Towards Resilient Communities with Health, Equity and Safety for All” (TORCHES) project.

During the training, participants were equipped with knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement activities of the support phase, build participants’ understanding of “joining power with” others to prevent Violence Against Women (VAW), and enhance participants knowledge and skills to support survivors of violence.

Community Champions presenting after an activity

Forgiveness Karima, a Community Champion, expressed her confidence in implementing the support phase in her community, saying, 

“I will be successful in implementing the support phase in my community because I learned the communication skills necessary for supporting survivors of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and making referrals to the necessary institutions. I am confident that what I have learned in this training will also cement overcoming challenges faced in Awareness Phase such as being taken as people who wanted to change Shamva community By-Laws,” said Karima

The Shamva District Social Development Officer, Grenia Chaomba, also spoke highly of the trainings, saying that, 

“I would like to pay my utmost gratitude to FAWEZI, AAZ, FACT, and LCDZ for including us in this training. It was very helpful especially on my part because in Shamva we have a lot of SGBV cases whereby women and girls are violated,

I now know how to incorporate the multisectoral approach when dealing with SGBV cases, support women experiencing violence through reaching out to them, taking time to listen to their story and supporting them,” said Chaomba

Chief Bushu, who attended the Leader’s training, was given time to speak on By-Laws that protect women and girls in Shamva District in which he said,

“Anyone who beats their wife is liable to a fine of one cow, and every village head, village chairperson, and community leader who fails to report a child marriage to the headman of the chief shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one cow, which should be paid within two weeks,” said Chief Bushu

The implementation of the TORCHES project has been instrumental in promoting health, equity, and safety for all members of the community in Shamva hence the successful training sessions will go a long way in helping to strengthen the capacity of community champions, leaders, and allies to work together to create a more just and equitable society for all.

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