Nomagugu’s Dream of Becoming an Educator Takes Flight

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Nomagugu’s Dream of Becoming an Educator Takes Flight

Name: Nomagugu (Not Real Name) Age: 11

Location: Nuli Center, Beitbridge District, Zimbabwe

Nomagugu’s parents passed away when she was 6 years old. She has been living with her aunt, Spiwe (not her real name). Spiwe is a single mother who does piece jobs to make ends meet, and she cannot afford to pay school fees.

As a result, Nomagugu had to drop out of school in grade 4. She was now taking care of house chores, and playing with other out-of-school children in the area. She was devasted and wanted to go back to school,

“I used to spend the day playing and doing house chores. The thought of not going to school would make me cry at times especially when my friends came back discussing school activities,” says Nomagugu

She also shared that other school-going children in the community would make fun of her,

“I was laughed at, and given names until I started attending school at the Nuli Community Learning Center,” says Nomagugu

Nomagugu is happy with how she is learning at the Center and wishes to become an educator too,

“I am happy to be going to school again. My aunt is not making me do a lot of house chores anymore. My wish is to become an educator like Hildegaard (Nuli Community Learning Center, Educator). I want to help other out-of-school children,” says Nomagugu

The DREAMS-RISE project has given Nomagugu a second chance at education. She is now able to attend the Nuli Center, where she receives basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Nomagugu awaits reintegration into formal school. She says being at the community learning Center has given her hope for the future. She is determined to succeed in school.

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