Out-of-School Children in Beitbridge Get a Second Chance


Out-of-School Children in Beitbridge Get a Second Chance

Thanks to the work of Forum for African Women Educators Zimbabwe (FAWEZI) under the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe (DREAMS) Re-Ignite, Innovate, Sustain and Empower (RISE) project, out of school children are now getting a second chance at education.

FAWEZI set up a community learning center at Nuli Primary School, Beitbridge District where children access free learning materials and support. The center has been successful in helping children to reintegrate into formal education.  So far 8 girls have successfully been reintegrated into formal school through DREAMS and 3 more learners through the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

The success of this community learning center is a testament to the power of education to change lives. Nuli Primary School Head expressed his gratitude during a monitoring and evaluation visit held in June.

“We are really grateful for what FAWEZI is doing. We had a number of dropouts who were taken into the FAWEZI learning Center to which 3 have been successfully re-integrated into formal schools under Beam,” Head, Nuli Primary School, Beitbridge

Beitbridge District, Ward 15 Councilor, who attended the same visit said the program has also helped reduce drug abuse in the community and he is encouraging parents and guardians to send their children to the center,

“This project has helped us a lot in ending drug abuse in the community. Our children now have something to do. We have been approaching more and more parents to have their children attend school at the community learning center,” Ward 15 Councilor, Nuli, Beitbridge

One of the Beitbridge District children who has benefited from the project is 11-year-old Norman (not real name). He dropped out of school in grade 4 because his mother could not afford to pay his fees and his father’s whereabouts are unknown. He was heading other people’s cattle, and playing after. However, He was able to get back into school thanks to the FAWEZI intervention. He is now ready for reintegration into formal school.

“This program has helped me get back to school and I hope it continues. I stopped going to school when I was in grade 4 because my mother can not afford my fees and I do not know my father,” Norman, Learner, Nuli Center

Nuli Center is a shining example of how a second chance at education can change lives and through providing children with the opportunity to learn, FAWEZI is helping to build a brighter future for them. The children’s only hope now is a continuation of the program and reintegration into formal schools.

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