The FAWEZI Alumni Network

 An association of young women and men who have benefited from the actions of FAWEZI. Through the alumni association, FAWEZI harnesses the intellectual and technical resources as well as the energy of these young men and women and utilises it to foster positive change in the social, cultural and economic context, and to inspire school girls and boys to remain focused on education.


To enhance FAWEZI’s structural and institutional development by creating a vibrant network of young people across Zimbabwe, working to advance its mission and ensure its sustainability. Through the alumni we want to see the boys and girls who benefitted from FAWEZI reconnect with the organisation so that they bring personal experiences to help the next generation. We need beneficiaries’ participation to help younger students avoid irrational behaviors that have long lasting impacts, such as teenage marriages and unplanned pregnancies.


Creating a critical mass of young people advocating for change of the education context and socio-cultural environment in order to attain gender equality in education.

Providing youth-led opportunities for nurturing youth leadership among schoolgirls and boys.

Providing a forum for social networking and building a sense of togetherness among former beneficiaries of FAWE across the African continent.

Invigorating young people’s affinity with the plight of marginalized population groups, and spirit of giving back to their communities.

Facilitating professional interaction among young people with similar career paths.

Motivating new graduates to join the alumni and supporting them to integrate.