Participatory Review and Reflection Processes

FAWEZI recently conducted District-Level and Local-Level Participatory Review and Reflection Processes (PRRPs). FAWEZI uses PRRPs to gather feedback from the community, in this case, on our program for “Empowered Adolescent Girls for Improved Quality of Life.” Specifically, we asked participants what we as FAWEZI should continue to do, or do differently, to ensure that our work remains relevant. One PRRP was a District-Level meeting, the other was a Local-Level meeting, both occurred in Shamva.


Latest Preventing School-Related Gender-Based Violence Activities

FAWEZI hosted a number of activities for our program for preventing school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) this week.

Firstly, we held a 2-day training for the sensitization of School Heads on preventing SRGBV. The first day took place in Bindura at Hermann Gmeiner High School, where FAWEZI facilitator, Daphne Chimuka, helped participants explore “sex, gender, and power in the school.” The second day took place in Chitungwiza where school heads were trained and spoke in groups about multiple facets of SRGBV.

In addition, we hosted the program “Effective Leadership for Preventing and Responding to School Related Gender Based Violence” in Harare. The programme was graced by one head and one teacher from each of our Preventing SRGBV project schools, as well as representatives from the Deputy Provincial Education Directors responsible for Learner Welfare, Psychological Services and Special Needs Education (LEPS), the PED’s office – Education Inspectors in Guidance and Counselling and Provincial Education Psycologist (PEPS), the Harare Province – Learner Welfare Services Department, Education Inspectors (EI) assigned to Guidance and Counselling tasks, the DSI‘s office – Remedial Tutor (RT) and District Lifelong Literacy Coordinator (DLLC).

Part of the program was unpacking policy provisions on SRGBV towards strengthening implementation, opportunities/linkages with the Whole School Approach, and raising actions to be done by the 10 project schools.

This program would not be possible without UNGEI and the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE). 

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SRHR Leadership Training

The FAWEZI team had a wonderful experience facilitating a leadership training workshop organised by Chitungwiza Junior Council and School Prefects. The training session was attended by over 40 adolescent girls and boys who took part in lively discussions on leadership Skills and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Monitoring SRHR Project in Shamva

We did a monitoring visit to 5 of our project schools in Shamva District under our Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) project on the 26th and 27th of January. Our communications department also took the opportunity to document the impact of the project so far, and the responses were very encouraging. The learners are taking initiative to educate each other on SRHR and collectively tackle the problems they are facing. Knowledge on SRHR services and reporting mechanisms has significantly improved amongst our target group. Thank you AmplifyChange For supporting us in Maximizing Opportunities for Young Women’s SRHR Awareness.

Sensitization Workshop for Duty Bearers under ‘Empowered Adolescent Girls for Improved Quality of Life’ 

“When donating sanitary pads to our girls let us also remember the panties”

This is a quote from a participant at FAWEZI’s recent sensitization workshop for duty bearers. This workshop was held under our program ‘Empowered Adolescent Girls for Improved Quality of Life.’ Read more