Frequently asked Questions

Please read our most commonly asked questions first!

What are your programs?

FAWEZI runs programs that offer bursary support to marginalized members of our communities, particularly women, programs that support women’s involvement in STEM fields, programs geared towards providing sexual reproductive health education, programs aimed at decreasing school related gender based violence, and programs to increase access to gender responsive pedagogy. Our current focuses vary depending on the year and time of year but you can look at out ‘FAWEZI in Action’ tap or our Facebook page to keep up to date on the more recent program efforts.

Where are you located?

The FAWEZI offices are located in the Curriculum Development Unit in the ZIMSEC complex in Mount Pleasant, Harare. Our reception is number 254.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved at FAWEZI. You can become a member, make donations in cash or kind, volunteer your time or expertise, join our alumni network, fund a project, partner with us in a variety of capacities, apply for a position, or engage with us online. Fill out the contact us form with general or specific inquiries regarding getting involved and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Which areas do you work in?

FAWEZI is based in Harare but has provincial chapters in all ten provinces. Programs and interventions vary by area. To see what areas our current programs are running in, check out ‘FAWEZI in Action’ or our Facebook page.

Are you part of any coalition/associations?

FAWEZI is the current chair of the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI). We are also an active member of the women’s coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ). FAWEZI is also a member of the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO) and the Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC).

How to be a member?

Becoming a member only takes a moment and FAWEZI members determine how much time they wish to dedicate to the organisation. You can fill out the membership form on this website or at the FAWEZI offices. The form asks for your areas of expertise and if we have programs in fields you are familiar with or want to learn more about we will invite you to participate!

Why do you focus more on girls?

FAWEZI focuses on the girl child because historically girl children have been marginalized and disadvantaged in Zimbabwe. However, we work to discuss gender in a wholistic sense and implement programs that are gender responsive, which necessarily means involving children of all genders. Additionally, when making direct donations and providing bursary support FAWEZI includes boys as well as girls.

Do you have a relationship with the ministry of education?

FAWEZI and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MPSE) have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As much as possible FAWEZI tries to complement the work the ministry is doing and follow their lead by aligning our programs and interventions with the priorities and practices the MPSE has laid out.

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