In order to identify the best ways to implement change, FAWEZI keeps up to date on research studies involving girls and education. We also conduct our own studies, adding to this important literature.
i. Baseline survey on the status of girl’s education (2013).

ii. A study on women’s entrepreneurship and girls education in Binga, Zimbabwe: exploring the nexus supported by FAWE (2012)

iii. A situational analysis on out of school girls in Binga District, with support from OSISA (2012).

iv. Research on the implementation of the re-entry policy for girls supported by FAWE (circular P.35), (2012).

v. Review of policies, plans and other documents on how they address school based gender based violence (2009).

vi. In partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education and UNICEF: The situational analysis on the status of girls in Primary and Secondary Schools (2009).

Contact us for specifics regarding any of our past studies!