Support a child

There are many direct and indirect costs that keep children, especially girls, from attending school here in Zimbabwe. Even if a family can afford the school fees, the costs of other necessities — such as uniforms, shoes, stationary, food, and book bags — can quickly make it impossible to send a child to school. Many girls have to stay home every month, jeopardizing their education, because they cannot afford sanitary ware. Approximately $186 covers all the costs necessary to send a girl back to school, however, for many children the amount needed is even less. Any contribution you can offer will help send children, especially girls, to school and keep them there, bettering not only their futures but the nation’s as well. Help us continue our mission to educate, enable, and empower girls in Zimbabwe. Thank you.

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Other types of support:
Money is not the only contribution that helps FAWEZI; you can make a difference in kind by donating the following:

  •   Land and building materials for construction of gender-responsive education facilities
  • Teaching and learning materials, stationary, school equipment and installations
  • Food items for school feeding programmes
  • Personal hygiene products — sanitary packs for girls
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Promotional materials for marking international, regional and local days — t-shirts, caps, or hampersOr by volunteering your time. Send us an email!

For further information, please contact:
Ms Lydia Madyirapanze
National Coordinator
Tel: +263 4 307793 +263 772 244 940

Donations can be made to:
Forum for African Women Educationalists Zimbabwe Chapter-FAWEZI
Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe
Mount Pleasant, Harare
Branch 2157
Account Number: 64797660

Send a direct message!