National Executive Committee

Irene Mkondo


Mrs. Mkondo has been a FAWEZI member since 1998. She holds a M.Ed., a B.Ed., and a Certificate in Education and Research Methods. Mrs. Mkondo has worked at Belvedere Technical Teacher’s College as a Lecturer and for VVOB Zimbabwe as an Education Advisor. She is currently retired.

Ruth B Gora

Vice Chairperson

Dr. Ruth B. Gora is a senior lecturer in Language Education, Psycho- & Sociolinguistics, Shona Language and Literature in the Department of Curriculum and Arts Education at the University of Zimbabwe. She was also a Research Fellow with the College of Human Sciences at the University of South Africa (UNISA). Currently, Dr Gora is the Quality Assurance Manager -Training at the University of Zimbabwe. Ruth holds the following qualifications: Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (UNISA), Master of Education (University of Zimbabwe), Bachelor of Education (University of Zimbabwe) and Certificate of Education (Hillside Teachers’ College – UZ).

Barbara Mapuranga


Prof Mapuranga is the regional Program coordinator with Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) in the department of Disability studies and special needs education. She is the current national publicity secretary of Zimbabwe Academic and Non Fiction Authors Association (ZANA). Prof Mapuranga has co-authored nine academic books, forty-eight refereed articles in reputable journals and 15 ZOU Modules among other publications. She also content reviewed a number of ZOU modules. Prof Mapuranga has also presented papers at national and international academic conferences and workshops. She also provides consultancies in disability, gender and academic related issues. Prof Mapuranga has taught and supervised Masters and Undergraduate students since 2009 to date. Her thesis for PhD has a niche in Disability and Gender Studies particularly on the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of women with disabilities.

Varaidzo Denhere


Dr. Varaidzo Denhere is a Quality Assurance Auditor at Bindura University of Science Education, a public university in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe. She is a holder of a PhD in Auditing. Varaidzo also does part-time lecturing at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University. She holds the following qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy in Auditing (University of Johannesburg), Master of Commerce in Applied Accounting (Great Zimbabwe University), Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Honours (Great Zimbabwe University), Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies (Zimbabwe Open University).

Regina Mujombi

Committee Member

Regina Mujombi is the current Deputy School Head at Mushangwe Primary School in Marondera. She holds a Bsc in Counselling from the Zimbabwe Open University ( ZOU ), a Diploma in education, and IPMZ CERTIFICATES in personnel management.

Shupikai Zebrone

Committee Member

Ms. Shupikai Zebrone is a lecturer in Applied Social Sciences, Counseling Department (MSc, BSc, Diped). Shupikai holds the following qualifications: PhD in Social Sciences, MSc in Counselling (Zimbabwe OpenUniversity), BSc Counselling) (Zimbabwe Open University)December 2005), Diploma in Education (Primary) University of Zimbabwe (Mkoba Teachers College).

Lydia Dube

Committee Member

Mrs. Dube has been a Fawezi member since 2000. She hold an M.Ed, B.Ed and a Certificate in education. Mrs Dube has worked at the Midlands Provincial office. As a BSPZ-BEST coordinator. She is currently at Budiriro Primary School as a Head.

Lista Mangena

Committee Member

Ms. Lista Mangena is a school Head at Paye Primary school. She has a Master of Education degree in SNE, a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Special Needs Education (Gwanda Zintec College), a Master of Education Degree in SNE (Great Zimbabwe University), a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Special Needs Education (University of Zimbabwe), and a Diploma in Education (Gwanda Zimsec College).

Abigail Mupinga

Committee Member

Abigail Mupinga is a Senior School Head in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. She is currently Head in Charge of Public Speaking and Quiz under the National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH), representing Matabeleland North Province. Abigail is also a member of the provincial Science Exhibitions Committee where she is a judge and facilitator. Further to that, she sits on the Matabeleland North Provincial Examinations Item Writers Committee as a representative of Lupane District. At district level she is Zonal Chairperson of Daluka zone where she is responsible for nine primary and three secondary schools. Abigail Mupinga holds the post of Matabeleland North Deputy Provincial Marking Supervisor in the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC), Grade Seven Level- English Language. She is an active environmentalist being a member of SCOPE Zimbabwe and Foundations for Farming which are both environmental organizations. Her other areas where she is very active are authorship of primary school textbooks, having written Grades three to six Science learners and teachers’ books. A commissioned National Netball umpire for both school and senior national netball teams. She is into serious entrepreneurship having started a very viable crossboarder buying and selling business. Her market cuts across all classes of people hence her desire to study business management.

Annaclata Guma

Committee Member

Annaclata Guma is the School Head at Rujeko Government Primary School. GUMA is both a Gender and National Association of Primary School Headd (NAPH) activist.She has acted as a Schools Inspector for 2 years.
Guma advocates for the empowerment of the girl child , youth and women through sport. She is currently Head in Charge for Athletics in Manicaland.
She is the current national publicity secretary of Zimbabwe Academic and Non Fiction Authors Association (ZANA).