Taking ownership of “Tuseme/Let us speak out” clubs








Seke Mhuriimwe secondary school has taken ownership of the Tuseme/let us speak out club to ensure its sustainability. Located in Chitungwiza one of the urban settlements where cases of early pregnancies and child marriages were on an increase, the school adopted the club as a tool to tackle the root causes of early pregnancies, child marriages and suicide cases.
Speaking during an unannounced regular monitoring visit, Seke Mhuriimwe Guidance and Counselling (G&C) head of department, Mrs Ndaneta Chivaviro said the Tuseme club has proved to be an effective tool in addressing love relations amongst learners.
“Learners were involved in love relations that were resulting in early pregnancies and child marriages. School dropouts were on an increase and we effectively used the Tuseme club to address the situation through dramas and films,” said Mrs Chivaviro.
She added that the use of films during Tuseme club activities made the sessions interesting and many students have joined the club.
“Before the introduction of films, very few learners were attending the Tuseme club because they were finding most of the activities boring and monotonous. Use of the television set to watch films on issues that affect children has proved to be the most preferred medium of communication amongst learners,” she said.
To ensure the sustainability of the Tuseme club, school authorities introduced new resource mobilization strategies to fund the activities.
Seke Mhuriimwe school head, Mr Daniel Sundire said that he availed land to the club members after noticing their commitment in addressing challenges faced by learners.
“The club members grew maize and sweet potatoes on the piece of land that was availed to them. We have plans to invest the takings from sweet potatoes and fresh mealie cobs into poultry production so that we ensure the continuous existence of the Tuseme club.
Mr. Sundire added that Tuseme club is also into sewing uniforms to assist vulnerable children with uniforms and school fees. He said that the initiative is being implemented through two former learners who were identified and received mentoring on sewing.