Teacher Training on Gender Responsive Pedagogy and The Whole School Approach

FAWEZI recently hosted two 3-day teacher training on Gender Responsive Pedagogy (GRP), Classroom Management, and the Whole School Approach (WSA).

The first training was kicked off on a high at Mutumba Primary School in Shamva. FAWEZI facilitated the training of five teachers from each of the project schools in the District. The aim is to increase the teachers’ awareness and commitment to GRP, WSA and school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) issues. On the second day, our training sessions focused on using positive discipline to manage learner behaviour in class, reflecting on child-friendly classrooms, and schools and Gender-responsive and Gender biased teaching practices. Facilitators and participants focused on questions such as, “What normally happens in class when a learner gives an incorrect answer?” in order to identify current practices and draft better practices for moving forward. On the final day of the training, facilitator Daphne Chimuka played a short film titled “A class of Rowdies” to help stir up a discussion on exploring ways to manage learners in a classroom. The teachers also identified the positive and negative means of discipline portrayed in the film and discussed the effects of each.

The second 3-day training had the same aims but was hosted in Chitungwiza and involved teachers from FAWEZI’s project schools in Chitugwiza.