Sensitization Workshop for Duty Bearers under ‘Empowered Adolescent Girls for Improved Quality of Life’ 

“When donating sanitary pads to our girls let us also remember the panties”

This is a quote from a participant at FAWEZI’s recent sensitization workshop for duty bearers. This workshop was held under our program ‘Empowered Adolescent Girls for Improved Quality of Life.’

Breakaway sessions during the workshop allowed participants to discuss amongst themselves various issues (and possible solutions to these issues) affecting adolescents in Shamva, Chitungwuza and Hopley Districts. Participants were also invited to present to the group at large to share concerns and oversights (such as the issue of potentially donating sanitary pads to girls who can not afford panties).  Another community oversight was brought up by Faith Mavhengere, a Social Welfare Officer. Ms Mavhengere said, “We need to focus more on the home environment when addressing issues of violence against children.”

Overall, lively discussions were held on issues hindering effective use and access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights services by the youths, and FAWEZI would like to thank all the participants for their contributions.

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