School Codes of conduct planning meetings –Shamva and Chitungwiza

FAWEZI held codes of conduct planning meetings on the 31st of August in Shamva with 5 project schools and on the 11 of September in Chitungwiza. The aim of the meetings was to equip the core teams with knowledge on how to develop school level Codes of Conduct in line with existing national and International laws and policies.  The meeting was attended by representatives from the District Office, school heads and project link teachers. FAWEZI engaged a legal resource person to give guidance to drafting an effective Code of Conduct.

SMT Motivational Talks

On our second day at Oriel girls High, two of our beneficiaries encouraged the Science club members at the school to take up any career path of their choice despite their sex.

Nicola Misi (23) who is in her final year at the University of Zimbabwe studying surgery and medicine told the girls that anyone can do anything regardless of whether they are male or female but just because they want to.

She went on to give the girls a brief lecture on which subjects to take at school if one wants to study medicine. Many of the pupils were fascinated listening to Nicola as she shared her experiences in the field of sciences.

Nicola managed to simplify the requirements of the medical journey and also cleared the misconceptions about how long it takes for one to study medicine.

“Most people think it takes 7 years to become a doctor but it is actually a 5 year program,”she said.
The pupils also expressed their desire to become medical doctors and managed to get involved in a lively discussion with Nicola.